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Nova Scotia Champions

The Nova Scotia Chess Champion is the winner of the Nova Scotia Closed Championship and is qualified to play in the Atlantic Closed Chess Championship. Because some of the records have been lost over the years we have not always been able to distinguish between a Nova Scotia Closed and Nova Scotia Open Champion.

2016 Chris Felix

2015 Adam Dorrance and Brendan Martin

2014 Zach Burrows

2013 Adam Dorrance

2012 Antoni Wysocki

2011 Tournament not held

2010 Tournament not held

2009 Tournament not held

2008 Antoni Wysocki

2007 Alvah Mayo

2006 Jason Kenney (Halifax) and Gary Ng (Halifax)

2005 Antoni Wysocki (Halifax)

2004 Gary Ng (Port Hawkesbury)

2003 Gary Ng (Port Hawkesbury)

2002 Alvah Mayo (Westville)

2001 Tyler Reddy (Halifax)

2000 Ed Urquhart

1999 Gerald Lomond

1998 Glenn Charlton (Halifax) and Alvah Mayo (Westville)


1996 Jim Mathers (Halifax)










1986 W. MacNeil (Sydney)


1984 Billy Peckford (Dartmouth)

1983 Glenn Charlton (Halifax)

1982 Brian Beed (Halifax)

1981 Glenn Charlton (Halifax)

1980 Glenn Charlton (Halifax)

1979 Kim Mohammed (Halifax)

1978 Michael Eldridge (Falmouth)

1977 Jim Mathers (Halifax)

1976 David Kenney (Halifax)

1975 Kim Mohammed (Halifax)

1974 James Mathers (Halifax)

1973 James Mathers (Halifax)

1972 James Mathers (Halifax)

1971 Roger Hubley (Halifax)

1970 James Mathers (Halifax)

1969 James Mathers (Halifax)

1968 Al M. Fraser (Stellarton)

1967 Frank Monks (Halifax)

1966 K. Dane Parker (Halifax)

1965 Michael Holmes (Halifax)

1964 Dr. P. Chadwick (Halifax)

1963 Harold Uuetoa (Herring Cove)

1962 Dr. P. Chadwick (Halifax)

1958 Harold Uuetoa (Herring Cove)

1956 K. Dane Parker (Halifax)

1955 George Beals (Halifax)

1954 J. Walker (Ellershouse)

1947 O.M. MacConnell (Halifax)

1910 Dr. Y.G. Ritchie (Halifax)

1909 Dr. Y.G. Ritchie (Halifax)

1908 Dr. Y.G. Ritchie (Halifax)

1907 J.B. Ternan (Halifax)

1906 W.H. Lalmon (Windsor)

1905 F.P.H. Layton (Truro)

Bluenose Chess Club Champions

History of the Bluenose Chess Club.

2016 Antoni Wysocki and Stephen Saunders

2015 Jose Gonzalez-Cueto

2014 Adam Dorrance

2013 Adam Dorrance and Zach Burrows

2012 Chris Felix

2011 Brendan Martin and Elias Oussedik

2010 Tournament not Held

2009 Jason Kenney and Gary Ng

2008 Gary Ng and Jason Kenney

2007 Jason Kenney and Antoni Wysocki

2006 Jason Kenney

2005 Jason Kenney and Gary Ng

2004 Tournament not Held

2003 Alvah Mayo and Jose Gonzalez-Cueto

2002 Gary Ng

2001 Jason Kenney

2000 Justin Gulati and Ilias Baiguildine

1999 Ed Urquhart and Jason Kenney

1998 Justin Gulati

1997 Gerald Lomond

1996 Robert Villeneuve

1995 Ed Urquhart

1994 Joon Hoong Chay

1993 Jim Mathers

1992 Michael Eldridge

1991 Goran Prpic

1990 Antoni Wysocki

1989 Billy Peckford

1987 Glenn Charlton

1986 Paul Hake

1985 Jim Mathers

1984 David Kenney

1983 Brian Pentz

1982 Brian Beed

1981 Brian Beed

1980 Glenn Charlton

1979 David Kenney

1978 Glenn Charlton

1977 Randolph Tufts

1976 Glenn Charlton

1975 David Pavlowich

1974 Dan Tigner

Nova Scotia Junior Champions

The Nova Scotia Junior Chess Champion is qualified to play in the Canadian Junior Chess Championship.

1999 Jason Kenney


1997 Tyler Reddy

1996 Alex Fraser

Nova Scotia Cadet Champions

The Nova Scotia Cadet (Under 16 years old) Chess Champion is qualified to play in the Atlantic Closed Cadet Chess Championship.

1998 Tyler Reddy

1997 Tyler Reddy

1996 Jordan Fleury

1995 Jordan Fleury

1994 Matthew Furrow

1993 Matthew Furrow

1992 Raju Chelluri

Nova Scotia Open Champions

Winners of the Nova Scotia Open Chess Tournament:

2014 Zach Burrows

2013 Jean Desforges and Brendan Martin

2012 Brian McKay and Anthony Leonard

2011 Jason Kenney and Jasmine Du

2010 Brian Pentz

2009 Alvah Mayo

2008 Antoni Wysocki

2007 James Gilks

2006 Jean Desforges (Note: 2006 tournament incorrectly named “Victoria Day Open”)

2005 Jean Desforges and Jason Kenney

2004 Jason Kenney

2003 Alvah Mayo

2002 Jason Kenney and Alvah Mayo

2001 Alvah Mayo

2000 Michael Eldridge

1999 Erik Teichmann

1998 Glenn Charlton

1997 Justin Gulati, Michael Guignard and Steve Saunders

1996 Robert Villeneuve and Antoni Wysocki

1995 Ed Urquhart and John Paterson

Lifetime Achievement Award to Harold Uuetoa

The Nova Scotia Chess Association is pleased to announce that it has presented an award for Lifetime Achievement to Harold Uuetoa. The award, presented on September 5, 2011, honours Harold for the more than 50 years for which he has been playing competitive chess.

Congratulations Harold!

Thanks to Jose Gonzalez-Cueto for the photo (click on the image for a larger version).

Harold Uuetoa Award
L to R: Harold Uuetoa, Ken Cashin.

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